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New Products

Perrin Photo Art images are now available on Canvas, Paper, Crystal Acrylic, Aluminum, Foamboard, Vinyl, Glass, Fabrics, Phototiles, Carpet and more. Any size, any materials for Corporate, Institutional and Residential for sale. All images available in color, black & white or duotones.

Coffee Table Birch Wood Fine Art

Crystal Acrylic Wrapped Giclee Canvas Motivational Art Plaquemount Image Box Black & White Duotones Custom Photo Tiles

Delta Hotel - Lobby
Calgary South, AB

Crystal Acrylic

The ultimate choice for a very contemporary and a very modern look. Our prints on crystal acrylic are very stunning. We have a unique method of printing directly to the acrylic, so there is a luminosity about the image. Allowing it to be hung anywhere in your home or a place of business, indoors or outdoors.

Click here for testimonial.

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Title: Foggy Morning
Picture Number: 5791
Size: Any size image on:

• Crystal Acrylic
• Canvas
• Paper
• Aluminum
• Glass
• Fabric
• Vinyl
• Photo Titles
• Carpet
• Foamboard
• All images available in Black & White, Color and Duotones

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Click on photo to see larger version

Click on photo to see larger version

Pristine Power

Laird Electric
Edmonton, AB

Crystal Acrylic Art: "Innovative Artistic Imaging for Modern Spaces"

What is Crystal Acrylic Art?
We take a high grade piece of acrylic and reverse mount a Giclee print or direct print on it's backside, cutting holes in each corner. We flame polish the sides and add 4 x stainless steel or acrylic standoffs to hang your acrylic art on the wall. A leading edge contemporary design that sets new standards in the décor market.
There are a number of different methods of creating Crystal Acrylic Art.

Reverse Mounting Crystal Acrylic Art
Reverse mounting involves a high resolution image being digitally printed on special high grade photographic paper, using long life archival inks. The image is heat mounted under extreme pressure to the reverse side of 6 - 10mm crystal acrylic using 100% optically clear adhesive, providing the perception of increased depth,visually dramatic
and beautiful.

The finished artwork is mounted to the wall using the provided 4 x stainless steel, chrome or acrylic standoffs (spacers). This allows your image to stand away from the wall by approximately 25mm, giving it a sleek modern and ultra stylish finish. This will be the centre of attention. Suitable in areas of low light conditions,graffiti can't even deface the image.

Direct Print Crystal Acrylic
This acrylic wall-art is produced using state of the art flatbed printing technology. The printing process creates a layer of long lasting ink. The image is inkjet printed directly to the reverse of the acrylic and flooded with a screen-white UV layer pulling out the color and details in the photograph. The image is then cured, using UV lights. This alleviates the need for lamination, sealing or a back plate, making it 100% waterproof. Each acrylic art print comes with 4 x stainless steel or acrylic standoffs. Suitable in areas of low light conditions.

Semi Transparent Crystal Acrylic Art
The areas of the artwork that appears white on paper will appear clear on the acrylic. The printing is done directly on the backside of the acrylic, letting the white parts of the image to be absent. The light shines through creating a moody interesting piece. The ambient light replaces the white element of the image. The light interacts with the image, which is therefore back-lit creating almost a 3D effect. The process is particularly effective for the display of monochrome or minimalist photographs as the white background is replaced by the crystal clear background of the acrylic. The translucent quality of the material creates a visual impact that enhances any surroundings.

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Title: Blue Shutters
Picture Number: 8932
Size: Any size image on:

• Crystal Acrylic
• Canvas
• Paper
• Aluminum
• Glass
• Fabric
• Vinyl
• Photo Tiles
• Carpet
• Foamboard
• All images available in Black & White, Color and Duotones

Private Home
Flin Flon, Mn.
Gallery Wrapped Giclee Canvas

Ready to hang canvas prints.

Gallery and Decorator wrap canvas prints are very popular and look exceptional creating a very modern art look. No frame, mats or glass are used. The image wraps around the sides.

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Title: Sea of flowers
Picture Number: 9103
Size: Minimum 16x20

Image available on:

• Crystal Acrylic
• Canvas
• Paper
• Aluminum
• Foamboard
• All images available in Black & White, Color and Duotones

ATB Financial
Motivational Art

Motivational Art consists of our quality fine art images matched with an inspirational saying of your choice. To convey a common theme such as "Teamwork", "Excellence", "Service", etc. Select an art piece that fits your space. Motivational art makes great uplifting art with it's inspirational message. Suitable for the finest office or home environment.

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See our regular price list.

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Title: Indoor Garden
Picture Number: 9138
Size: Up to 48" Wide

Image available on:

• Paper
• Canvas
• Crystal Acrylic
• Glass
• Photo Tiles
• Fabric
• Vinyl
• Carpet
• Foamboard
• All images available in Black & White, Color Duotones

St. Mary's - Offices
(Cochrane AB)
Plaquemount Image Box

Framing alternative, image box, image float, image lite, image classic. Most economical and revolutionary interior decorating idea. A unique non-glare easy to clean professional looking product. The image is drymounted onto a board, sealed with a UV protective matte finish vinyl laminant and bevel edges.

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Image available on:

• Paper
• Canvas
• Crystal Acrylic
• Aluminum
• Glass
• Photo Tiles
• Fabric
• Vinyl
• Foamboard
• Carpet
• All images available in Black & White, Color Duotones

Heritage Inn
(Brooks, AB)

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a larger version.
Black & White and Duotones

The classic simplicity of black and white.

Black & White images with it's exquisite tones, luminous whites and rich shadows, make a bold and graphic statement. Look at any decor magazine where you will see black and white or duotone images on the walls. It can have an incredible impact in a colorful setting. It stands out and goes with any decor in your home or office. Our photographic collection has the perfect print for any room.

Note: Any of our color images may be converted to black and white or duotone.

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Any of our color images may be converted to black & white or multitones. Duotone is the generic name for multitone printing, which can be done with two (duo-tone), three (tritone) four (quadtone) inks.

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Photo Illustrations & Image Enhancement

Computer art that begins with a digitized photograph. Using special image enhancement software, we can then apply a variety of special effects to transform the photo into a work of art.

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Custom Photo Tiles

Private Residence
Calgary, AB
4"X4" Tumble Tiles
We offer custom photo tiles as a new and beautiful medium for fine photographic imagery. The visual impact of images reproduced on a tile, mural or single decorative tile is truly stunning. Tile murals can be any image, any size. We use an innovative printing process. The tiles can be installed in the usual manner. They have been used in restaurants, hotels, healthcare, boardrooms, kitchen blacksplash, bathrooms, etc.

Click on the photo to see a larger version.

Click on photo to see larger version Image available on:
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Carpet Tiles
  • Glass Tiles
  • Crystal Tiles
  • Marble Tiles
  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Mirror Tiles
  • Pebbled surface glass floor tiles (tempered).
  • Any substrate up to 2" in thickness.
  • All images available in Black & White, Color and Duotones

Purchase or Lease to Own, click here.

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Can be used practically
anywhere :

• Physician's office
• Dental office
• Retirement Homes
• Chiropractor's office
• Physical Therapist Centers
• Medical Facilities
• Hospitals
• Boardrooms
• Retail Stores
• Pet Stores
• Gymnasiums
• Kitchens
• Bathrooms
• Living Rooms
• Dinning Rooms

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Budget Skylights (Before)

Click on photo to see larger version
Budget Skylights (After)
Skyscape #30
Britannia Dental Center
Calgary, AB
Budget Skylights

Designed for Health Care, Schools, Offices and Home environments, they are cost effective. Simply slide the digitally printed Skyscape acrylic lense diffuser in your current fluorescent light fixture or multiple fixtures.

For stock Skyscapes, click on the "Skyscape Gallery".

Custom ceiling Skyscapes are decorative and translucent. They simply replace your existing boring, plain white, fluorescent light diffusers; turning your sterile, lifeless ceiling into a soothing and relaxing environment, decreasing stress, eye strain and headaches;. transforming your room into a more inviting environment…NATURE HEALS!

Click on the photos to see a larger version.

Benefits & Features:
  • Easy to install
  • Standard size 24"x24" or 24"x48"
  • Multi-diffusers; Simply put together a series of rectangular or odd shape fixtures to form a large skylight
  • Skyscapes can be made any size. Our images are high resolution and custom printed directly to high quality acrylic diffusers.
  • We create one-of-a -kind photo illustration diffusers using digital manipulation.
  • Available in many designs e.g. clouds, hot air balloons, etc.
  • To obtain maximum brightness and color, use 3600 lumens 5000K lamps.
  • Will last for 10 years or more.

Insert your favorite quotes.
e.g. "Don't forget to floss."
       "You don't have to brush your teeth - just the ones you want to keep."

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Textured Acoustic Tile

Click on photo to see larger version
Smooth Acoustic Tile

Budget Acoustic Tile Skylights (Before)

Budget Acoustic Tile Skylights

Budget Acoustic Tile Skylight

The image is digitally printed directly to acoustic ceiling tiles. This creates a convincing illusion of sky, for a less stressful environment.

Benefits & Features:

• Easy to install. Simply drop in the standard 2'x2' or 2'x4' ceiling grid.

• Any type of acoustic ceiling tiles can be used. Your existing tiles can be matched for style and texture.
• Multiple tiles can cover the entire ceiling or any section of it.
• Digitally printed on demand, using fade-resistant inks.
• Creates an authentic illusion of nature.
• Can be used practically anywhere.
• Price includes usage rights of the photos, basic design and production. There will be extra fees for complicated designs.

"Nature Heals"

Click on the photos to see a larger version.

For stock Skyscapes, click on the "Skyscape Gallery".


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Translucent Window Mural

Benefits & Features:
  • Translucent film has uniform color in both reflective and transmitted light.
  • Indoor and outdoor use.
  • Long term durability.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive.
  • For use on flat surfaces such as acrylic and glass.
  • Film will not stretch or shrink.
  • Ideal for nature window scenes.
  • Gives great privacy.
  • For all other mural substrates, click here.
Click on the photos to see a larger version.
Click on photo to see larger version
Click on photo to see larger version
McInnis & Holloway Funeral Homes
Calgary, AB
Outdoor view picture #6697 - 10' x 20'
McInnis & Holloway Funeral Homes
Calgary, AB
Inside view

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White Opaque Window Mural

Click on photo to see larger version

Click on photo to see larger version
Click on photo to see larger version
Benefits & Features:
  • High opacity, bright white vinyl film.
  • Pressure-activated adhesive that can be repositioned.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Reflects heat.
  • UV stabilized.
  • Can be used as interior and exterior murals.
  • Excellent for hiding imperfections.
  • Superb brilliance.
  • Temporary or permanent use film available.
  • Easy to clean.
  • For use on flat surfaces such as acrylic and glass.
St. Mary's Church
Cochrane, Alberta
Picture #5791-A

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Click on photo to see larger version Click on photo to see larger version Click on photo to see larger version

Click on photo to see larger version Click on photo to see larger version Click on photo to see larger version

Click on photo to see larger version Click on photo to see larger version Click on photo to see larger version

Click on photo to see larger version Click on photo to see larger version Click on photo to see larger version
Louise Riley Library

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(Click on images for a larger view.)

Artworks Acoustic Panels

Traditionally, sound absorbing panels provided an improvement in the listening and speech environment of a room while adding typical aesthetics. Now acoustic panels can be customized with images. Art, graphics, personal pictures, logos, motivational quotes and many other types of images can elevate the acoustic panels to be more aesthetically pleasing and decorative. This opens up limitless design possibilities to transform any interior environment.

The images are printed by a special dye-sublimation process on polyester acoustically transparent fabric which meets building codes. The printed fabric is then wrapped around sound absorptive rigid fibreglass producing a gallery wrap finish. Standard panel sizes are 2'x2', 2'x3', and 2'x4' in standard 1" and 2" thicknesses. Custom size panels can be manufactured along with wall murals.

The size and shape of the panel needs to reflect the image form with it being wrapped around all sides. Art images can be chosen from various sources - our online gallery at www.perrinphotoart.com or from www.istockphoto.com/perrinphotoart.php (and get 10% off a purchase of 50.00 or more) or submitting personal digital images in the appropriate format.

Artworks Acoustic Panels add character to a space providing a truly one of a kind look, while offering the benefit of controlling sound reflections to create a pleasant acoustic environment.

Click on images for a larger view.

For more information and pricing of ARTWORKS ACOUSTIC PANELS contact Lou Perrin at perrinphotoart@aol.com or phone 1.403.932.7772

Fabra-Wall Acoustic Systems

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Crystal Acrylic Photo Blocks : "The Ideal Photo Gift"

This modern crystal clear free standing 20mm thick Photo Block is a work of art that draws natural ambient light from every angle creating a near three-dimensional effect.

The unique back printing process allows light to flood through the acrylic,enhancing the colors by making them brighter and more vibrant as well as 100% waterproof.

  • Your Photo Block can be customized to meet your branding requirements.
  • Another option is to have your Photo Block photo printed onto a white vinyl and sealed onto the back of your 20mm block, creating an eye catching display.

Designed for exclusive desktop presentation, the Photo Block is a stylish and eye catching way to display your image. The Photo Block is available in any size, ideal for Corporate gifting.

Packaging is optional - 100% recycled, biodegradable and recyclable box, tissue and gift tag. (Your green solution).

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Glass Imaging

Slumped Glass:
A kiln formed glass where a mould imparts a texture and pattern into a sheet of glass. Intense heat is used to soften the glass sufficiently for it to melt over and into a specially prepared mould, leaving a textured and glossy surface. The glass can be clear or printed digitally with a hi-resolution image on it's backside. It can be enhanced with special oil paints. The edges are fire polished and slightly rounded.

You can select from our stocked glass panel designs or commission us to provide "One Of" just for you, to match your interior color scheme. Art glass panels can be made in any size or shape, up to 4' x 8'.

Your glass art panel can be hung on the wall of a living space as a unique feature, enhanced with a LED back-lit panel. The effect will be stunning.

Hanging your Glass Art: We can supply you stylish aircraft grade satin finished standoffs. These consist of basic cap and barrel, edge grips or material grippers which make your glass Art proudly stand 20mm off the wall. This provides a luxurious contemporary presentation.

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LED Lightbox

Snap Frame:
Designed to enhance artwork. "Brings images to life". It's a product that creates a new method of displaying all kinds of translucent artwork for a contemporary appearance.

The Frame:
• Features a slim design. Height 1.67" (27mm)
• Flat face. Width 1.625" (42mm)
• Elegant frosted silver
• Front loading from four sides for instant image insertion or removal
• Custom size range from 5x5" to 48x96"

State of the Art LED Technology:
• Ultra thin 8mm
• Long life, over 100,000 hrs
• Low power consumption (12V)
• Eco-friendly. No infrared/UV radiation, mercury or hazardous materials
• World brightest LED 2,000 - 10,000 Lux
• Flat light source. No after glare.
• Remote dimmer (Optional)

Easy to install: Ready to hang, right out of the box. All you need is a picture hook. Plug into any standard power outlet or hard wire to a standard on/off switch.

Application: Interior decorating in Airports, Banks, Offices, Homes and Exhibition projects. Etc.

Visit our Picture Gallery for images.

Manufactured in Canada.

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Virtual Skylight
"Rockyview Hospital Day Surgery"
Calgary, AB.

Virtual Skylight

• Offers a sunny view 24/7 all year round creating an open feeling. "A beautiful day everyday".

• For rooms where a real skylight is not an option.

• What is a Virtual Skylight? Simply an LED backlit Skyscape image accented by a solid wood or metal frame, giving an illusion of a real skylight. They can be dropped into your existing ceiling grid, flush or recessed, or as a hanging cloud. They can cover the entire ceiling or just a section.

• State of the Art LED technology: The ultra thin 8mm LED panel has a long life of over 100,000 hrs. Low power consumption (12V). Little heat, no mercury or hazardous materials, providing a bright and even illumination to your Skyscape image.

• Remote dimmer available.

• Images are digitally printed directly onto translucent acrylic, (making them more visible when lights are off) then placed in front of the LED lit panel. This creates a semi-transparent image, as if looking through a real skylight.

• Go to our Skyscape Gallery to select an image.

• Manufactured in Canada.

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Textile / Fabric Art

Our latest innovation which offers richer and more vibrant colors.

"Dye-Sublimation Textile".

A process where heat is used to transfer dyes that penetrate and bounds to the fiber of the fabric. This is not an ink that sits on top of the fabric. It can be washed without damaging the quality of the image.

Textiles offer many advantages over traditional media. For example, they are cost effective, environmentally friendly, wrinkle-resistant, hang flat, fire retardant, lightweight for portability and easily rolled for shipping.

Available in many textures and surfaces. Are simple to mount as Gallery Wraps, Demi Wraps or Wall Scrolls.

Click on images for larger view.


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Gallery Wrap

The Textile Art is stretched over 1 ½"deep wood stretcher frame. The image floats over the edge of the stretcher frame and attached to the back. A ready to hang product.

It may be hung unframed as a stand-alone work of Art that goes with any décor, or you may use our metal or wood canvas/textile floater frames. A classic presentation. The Art floats in the frame without seeming to touch it.

Click on images for larger view.

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Aluminum Art Prints

"Images permanently infused to the metal".

A revolutionary new way to display images with style and simplicity. The non reflective satin image is digitally printed directly to the 3mm Dibond(aluminum) using UV cured inks, and a protective uv coating for extra protection.

Suitable for outdoor use, as they are very durable and resistant to moisture, corrosion, abrasion and fingerprints. They are extremely flat and rigid. Can be easily cleaned with any commercial glass cleaner and wiped with a soft cloth.

Alu-Art Float
The "Alu-Art float" hangs on your wall without a frame. Stands ¼" (10mm) from the wall with no visible hanging hardware, giving the impression that it floats.

The hanger/spacer hardware is included and makes for easy hanging.



Alu-Art Wrap
The digitally printed metal sheet is mitered, grooved and edges folded to create a "Gallery Wrap" finish, eliminating the need for framing. It secures neatly to your wall with concealed hardware.

Wrapping Options:

Image Wrap - Where the image is mirrored around the edges on all four sides.

Colored Wrap - Any color can be printed on the wrapped edges.

Brush Silver Wrap - Allows the brushed aluminum to show, making it look like a solid chunk of metal suspended on the wall.

*Alu-Art a great way to create luxurious and light weight ready-to-hang images.

*Available in 1" to 4" edges, depending on image size.

*Custom made shape or size up to 5 ft. by 10 ft.

*Alu-Art prints can be arranged in multiples to create a Diptych, Triptych or Quadruples.

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"Flat Screen TV Hideaway"

Enhance your room décor. Conceal your flat screen TV behind a work of Art. It will no longer be a black hole in the wall when turned off.

"The Diptych"

A manual sliding art panel where the artwork splits on each side to reveal the TV.

The image can be digitally printed on Crystal Acrylic, Aluminum (Alu-Art), Glass, Giclee canvas and Textile Art with wood frame. May be custom made in any size and not restricted to your TV screen.

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"Cedar Plank Wall-Art"

Wood is one of the oldest materials in the world. It offers inexhaustible possibilities to be creative. The exposed wood of the Cedar Plank Wall-Art lends itself to an overall comfortable rustic and rural western feelings to the image. (Floats 1/2" from the wall). Works well for back in time images in color, black and white or sepia tone.

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"Wide Format Flatbed Digital Printing"

The ultimate in personalized art. This wall art is produced using State of the Art flatbed printing technology.

Custom sizes up to 8' x 10' (2.45m x 3.04m) x 1.89 (4.8cm) thick

Superior high definition printing using UV cured inks.

Direct print on acrylic, MDF, wood planks, veneer, glass, dibond, tiles, sintra, etc.

A final water and fade resistant UV liquid coating is applied for protection and to achieve a flat satin or high gloss surface.

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LED Backlit Virtual Windows - Brighten rooms without "A View"!

Virtual windows are an illusion of a real window where none exists. They are LED backlit nature scenes created from original photographic scenes, accented by a wood window frame, sills and grills (optional). They add an airy feel to your home or office. In Healthcare facilities they can be very therapeutic, ideal for patients, staff and visitors creating a welcoming environment. They are a current trend in many facilities.

At least 40% of people sitting in offices and millions of inner core offices around the country are also windowless. There are over 20 million home offices in North America, most of which have no windows.

Click here to read the Best Home Unique Products - September 2008 article.

Click images below for larger view.

Custom Photo Tiles

Virtual windows can be used in almost any applications:

• Hospital and Health Care Facilities - rooms such as a waiting room, patient treatment rooms, MIR rooms, etc
• Dental and Doctor's Facilities
• Corporate Offices, Executive Suites, Conference Rooms, Cubicles and Reception areas
• Residential- Home Offices and other windowless rooms
• Hotels, Health Clubs, Spas
• Retail Establishments

The Images
Every Virtual Window comes with one image of your choice. Select from the pre-selected 12 vertical and 12 horizontal pictures, or you can select from our web-site www.perrinphotoart.com. Simply note the frame style and size, as well as the picture number, and whether the window will be vertical or horizontal.

Standard Sizes - Image sizes: 22 x 38; - 28 x 40; - 34 x 60; -24 x 30; - 32 x 40; 40 x 50, horizontal or vertical plus 3" wood window frame.

E-mail us at info@perrinphotoart.com or phone us at 403.932.7772 to see if your picture fits the frame. We will then e-mail you back showing your selection within the chosen frame and give you a price quote.

Our Virtual Windows feature a large configuration of styles, sizes, finishes and other options. Our Virtual Windows are produced to order. We accept Mastercard and Visa credit cards.

The Image
The image is very durable and digitally printed directly onto 2mm acrylic. The translucent image is then placed in front of the LED lit panel in the window frame. The combination of reflected light off the image, and transmitted light through the inks, pull out the color and details of the photographic scene. This creates a semi-transparent image, providing an authentic illusion of nature...as if looking through a real window.

The images are easy to change. Simply turn the turnbuckles on the backside that holds the LED lit panel and image, lift the panel and swap the image.

Virtual Window Frames
Our window frames come in two hanging styles:

#1 Picture Frame Windows, surface mounted flush to the wall using wall buddies. They are easy to install right out of the shipping box. Simply plug them into any standard outlet, put in a couple of nails or hooks and "voila"!

#2 Mounting Style - Architectural, Virtual windows. Custom built to your specifications to match the other windows in your house, recessed within the wall with casing. The Virtual window can also be wired to a switch or an MRI room filter. You may also build your own window frame, and we would then supply you with the LED panel and images.

Window Sizes

Our standard window formats are 9 x 16 and 4 x 5. We can also provide custom 5 x 7 and 4 x 4 formats in any size up to 48" x 105" in one LED panel. Pay close attention to your window size. They need to be life size or at least sized according to the perspective of the room. The window should cover approximately 18% of wall space. They can be custom made in practically any size and shape or configuration. They look better when installed as multi windows, giving you a better illusion of true windows.

Diptych: an image in two window frames, displaying a single scene. "Two is better than one".
Triptych: an image is divided in three sections (windows) which hangs on your wall next to each other, also known as a split frame image.

Contact us before ordering and we can give you a price.

LED Back-Lit Panels
Our LED back-lit Virtual windows uses state of the art LED Technology, the most revolutionary lighting available since the introduction of the light bulb.

• Ultra thin. Only 8mm.
• Long Lifetime and free maintenance. Over 100,000 hours or 16 - 20 yrs. @ 12hrs. a day.
• Low power consumption and cost saving. As bright as conventional T5 fluorescent lamps, while saving up to 70% energy.
• Eco-friendly product. Contains no mercury or other hazardous materials.

Art as a Headboard

Looks like artwork, acts like a headboard.

• Printed directly on fabric, washable, flame proof.

• Easy to hang, just like a photograph.

• Can also be made as a sound absorbing headboard.

• Gallery wrapped or with an elegant wood or floating metal frame.

• LED large format light box with dimmer. Easy to change photos. Hangs like a framed picture.

• The latest contemporary presentation trend.

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Photo Backsplash
Own something unique and extremely stylish.

• A finishing touch to your kitchen, laundry room, behind your mounted TV, or, wall art for your home or office.

• Different materials, glass, crystal acrylic, metal aluminum, mirror, wood and kiln formed slump glass.

• Add LED lighting or light box with a variable dimmer for a change of mood and taste.

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The Floater
Sleek – Contemporary – Stylish – Soothing

  • Especially designed for Seniors & Medical facilities.
  • Cost effective: Wall Art
  • Frameless: Gives the impression it’s floating off the wall.
  • All you see is the image. “Will never go out of style”.
  • The image is digitally printed directly onto 3mm closed cell PVC.
  • 100% waterproof, impact resistant and lightweight.
  • Easy to clean/Chemical resistant.
  • Mounting hardware. Direct mount to the wall, using screws with chrome cover caps in each corner.
  • Size: 23.5”x 23.5”, can be made into a diptych or a triptych.
  • Divide your image over two or three 23.5”x 23.5” to create an exquisite look.
  • Large selection of Nature Scenes to choose from.
  • Price: “Basic Floater” 23.5”x 23.5” frameless 3mm PVC 100.00
  • Add-on mounting hardware 10.00 Metal Frame 40.00
  • Add-on options: 6mm PVC Floater, Special borders, Magnetic prints (Simply peel off the magnetic print and replace with a new one.
  • Minimum order 10 pictures. Complimentary installation, plus mileage and GST.

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Magnetic Artwork is no longer a long term commitment to a single image. Change your artwork as often as you desire. Simply peel off the Magnetic Image and replace it with a fresh set, without investing in new frames.

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Multi-Shape Metal Wall Art

Metal Art (Dibond) is now available in all shape, size and style. Adding design to a wall other than a typical rectangular shape. Something unique and eye catching. Multi-Shape wall art will add color and style. Let your imagination roam. Multi-Shape wall art is extraordinary, versatile and decorative.

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Custom Coffee Table

The image is digitally printed directly to the backside of 10mm crystal acrylic, making it 100% waterproof. Comes with brush aluminum legs, swing out table or tables and/or different style legs are optional. Available in different shape and artwork.

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Birch Wood Art Panels

Digitally printed on Natural Birch Wood Panels, 1” or 1/58” deep.

Two types of finish:

Natural: Where the grain of the wood panel is visible through the lighter colors of the image. The white part of the image is absent, replaced by the natural color of the Birch Wood, making them all beautifully unique.

Standard: The front of the Panel is flooded with a screen- white UV layer, pulling out the true colors and details in the image

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Fine Art Archival Paper
Now printing on Fine Art deckled edge Archival Paper.

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