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Perrin Photo Art - Murals

Custom Architectural Wall Murals - "Any image, any size"

Welcome to the world of large and grand wall murals. From an entire commercial project to a one room residential design, once installed you will enjoy a dramatic realism in your room, converting that naked wall into a scenic landscape and at a very affordable price. Mount, hang or suspend. Paper and paper backed fabric can be applied like wallpaper or adhered to mounting plaques. Cotton and polyester fabric can stretch mounted using the Griptex Track system by Fabra-Wall.

Architectural Wall Mural...

Scotia Bank, Saskatoon
(8 x 15 ft)

If you wish to create a totally new environment from time to time with a new mural, just unlock the Griptex Track, remove the existing mural and install the new one.

Seamless Murals...
Seamless Murals come up to 16 feet wide, to any length depending on the materials or substrate used, or to any size when seamed together.

What is a Custom Mural?

A design that you provide us can be transformed into a totally custom wall mural for your home, office, commercial or retail walls. Your company name, message, store theme or whatever you can dream up, can be sized to fit your layout or display. We will supply you with a sample of how the mural will look like, cropped to your dimensions.

What About the Picture for Your Mural?
You can visit our online gallery of over 1,000 pictures or contact us and we will search our huge image bank to find exactly what you are looking for, or you can supply us with something you may have.

Call us at 403.932.7772 or email us at info@perrinphotoart.com.

Custom Architectural Wall Murals...
We would, of course, be willing to submit an accurate costing without obligation upon receipt of your location and design requirements.

Wall Hanging Photo Murals...
This project is designed as a wall mural manufactured in our picture framing shop and comes with a wood or metal frame, or as a floater, color matched to your design. It hangs just like a picture, but once installed, will clearly dominate the room as if applied directly onto the wall.

This is an ideal alternative to the traditional method as you can change it to another room or take it with you should you move your home or office.

Perrin Photo Art Acoustic Wall Mural - "Any image, any size murals"

Acoustic Wall Mural...

University of Alberta
(10 x 15 ft)

Acoustic Wall Murals...
The visual and sound choice for room acoustics for home and commercial use to create an acoustically decorative wall or ceiling. The wall mural may be up to 16 feet wide, seamless, depending on fabric or absorption, to achieve the acoustic balance needed. They not only add interior reality, it improves the acoustics.

The wall mural installed with the "Griptex Track" by
Fabra-Wall is concealed PVC hinged locking track used to stretch fabric over various thickness of rigid fiberglass to meet different acoustic requirements. The acoustical wall enhances the appearance of the interior environment while providing solutions to acoustical challenges. The Griptex System can be fastened to virtually any wall surface when used for acoustical wall murals. It provides a neat, tailored finish with distinctive lines. If you wish to create a totally new environment from time to time, it can be created easily, and with no mess. With a new mural, just unlock the Griptex Track, remove the existing mural and install the new mural.

Acoustic Wall Mural...

University of Alberta
(10 x 15 ft)


  • home theaters
  • atriums
  • conference rooms
  • boardrooms
  • waiting rooms
  • restaurants
  • hospital
  • school gymnasiums
  • community halls
  • dining rooms
  • elevator lobbies
  • feature walls
  • foyer and reception areas
  • ships and yachts
  • operating and patient rooms
  • dance studios
  • music rooms
  • classrooms
  • etc.

Laser Etching Applications : Architectural Designs
We can provide you with that extra special touch to create a lasting impression. Laser etching murals for

  • walls
  • lobbies
  • entryways
  • atriums
  • architectural features
  • interior design
  • acoustical wall paneling with an etched mural
  • laser etched indoor waterfalls

Glass Etching...
Windows, doors, showers, bars and edge lit product.

For the Home...

Laser etched kitchen backsplash, countertops, fireplace, hearths, tables, tiles, floor art and inlays, outdoor art motifs.

Personalized awards and presentations

Photo Art Murals...
Corporate and industrial laser etched photo art murals on wall and flooring inlays, framed art etched in stone, glass doorways and windows, board room table tops, coasters for bar/restaurants, photo and logo in granite, company name and logo for reception area and entry way.

Custom landscapes and images laser etched on a monument, tombstone, headstone, wall mausoleums and memorials.

Any image, any size laser etching is only limited by your imagination.

Perrin Photo Art Images on Tile - "Any image, any size murals"

We offer any of our images, transferred onto tumbled marble tiles, glass tiles and ceramic tiles to create murals on tiles or kitchen backsplashes, swimming pool murals, countertops, floors, showers, religious institutions, etc.

Photo tiles are digitally handprinted, heat pressed and the image is embedded into the tile.

Marble tiles are sealed with a protective coating so they are ideal for a wall mural, kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall, shower, dining room, bar, lobby, religious institutions, etc. Use outdoors only if there is no direct sunlight.

What are Tumbled Marble Tiles?
The name sums it up quite well, as it's marble tiles that are literally tumbled together in large drums. The action of the tiles rubbing together give a worn effect with rounded corners, chipped edges, natural veining, nicks and grooves to this old world Italian tile surface.

Photo Murals on Tiles (Photo Tile Murals)
We transform our images into murals of any size. Each piece is unique because customers select the design style, color scheme, but most important, the subjects from our online galleries (photo tile murals are made by using multiple tiles of the same size).

Glass Tiles
Glass tiles are amazing for floors, walls (especially commercial walls and floors where there is a great deal of traffic and need to be cleaned regularly), countertops and swimming pools. By imaging these glass tiles on the back we have overcome the problem of durability. They have a pebble finish on top, they are skid resistant. Glass tiles meet and exceed industry testing standards. Designed for commercial applications on floors, walls, countertops and swimming pools.

Glow Tiles (available in 4 1/4" x 4 1/4")
The glow in the dark mural on tiles gives off an incredible effect for 8 - 10 hours.
Once in the light the mural recharges itself. Suitable for use in bars, restaurants, bathrooms, dens, wine cellars, and as a religious mural the glow would be inspiring.

We will email you an attachment or .jpeg of the mural design so you can see the placement of tiles. There may be some adjustment to the print. We wouldn't want a grout line in the middle of a key element such as a nose or an eye. All tile murals are created on demand so they can be customized and personalized. Any of our images on our online gallery can be used to create murals or dramatic displays.

Contact us at info@perrinphotoart.com or phone us at 403.932.7772 for an accurate costing with no obligation to purchase.



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