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Perrin Photo Art - Virtual Window

LED Backlit Virtual Windows - Brighten rooms without "A View"!

Virtual windows are an illusion of a real window where none exists. They are LED backlit nature scenes created from original photographic scenes, accented by a wood window frame, sills and grills (optional). They add an airy feel to your home or office. In Healthcare facilities they can be very therapeutic, ideal for patients, staff and visitors creating a welcoming environment. They are a current trend in many facilities.

At least 40% of people sitting in offices and millions of inner core offices around the country are also windowless. There are over 20 million home offices in North America, most of which have no windows.

Click images below for larger view.

Virtual windows can be used in almost any applications:

• Hospital and Health Care Facilities - rooms such as a waiting room, patient treatment rooms, MIR rooms, etc
• Dental and Doctor's Facilities
• Corporate Offices, Executive Suites, Conference Rooms, Cubicles and Reception areas
• Residential- Home Offices and other windowless rooms
• Hotels, Health Clubs, Spas
• Retail Establishments

The Images
Every Virtual Window comes with one image of your choice. Select from the pre-selected 12 vertical and 12 horizontal pictures, or you can select from our web-site www.perrinphotoart.com. Simply note the frame style and size, as well as the picture number, and whether the window will be vertical or horizontal.

Standard Sizes - Image sizes: 22 x 38; - 28 x 40; - 34 x 60; -24 x 30; - 32 x 40; 40 x 50, horizontal or vertical plus 3" wood window frame.

Click to read size chart and wood selections.

E-mail us at info@perrinphotoart.com or phone us at 403.932.7772 to see if your picture fits the frame. We will then e-mail you back showing your selection within the chosen frame and give you a price quote.

Our Virtual Windows feature a large configuration of styles, sizes, finishes and other options. Our Virtual Windows are produced to order. We accept Mastercard and Visa credit cards.

The Image
The image is very durable and digitally printed directly onto 2mm acrylic. The translucent image is then placed in front of the LED lit panel in the window frame. The combination of reflected light off the image, and transmitted light through the inks, pull out the color and details of the photographic scene. This creates a semi-transparent image, providing an authentic illusion of nature...as if looking through a real window.

The images are easy to change. Simply turn the turnbuckles on the backside that holds the LED lit panel and image, lift the panel and swap the image.

Virtual Window Frames
Our window frames come in two hanging styles:

#1 Picture Frame Windows, surface mounted flush to the wall using wall buddies. They are easy to install right out of the shipping box. Simply plug them into any standard outlet, put in a couple of nails or hooks and "voila"!

#2 Mounting Style - Architectural, Virtual windows. Custom built to your specifications to match the other windows in your house, recessed within the wall with casing. The Virtual window can also be wired to a switch or an MRI room filter. You may also build your own window frame, and we would then supply you with the LED panel and images.

Window Sizes

Our standard window formats are 9 x 16 and 4 x 5. We can also provide custom 5 x 7 and 4 x 4 formats in any size up to 48" x 105" in one LED panel. Pay close attention to your window size. They need to be life size or at least sized according to the perspective of the room. The window should cover approximately 18% of wall space. They can be custom made in practically any size and shape or configuration. They look better when installed as multi windows, giving you a better illusion of true windows.

Diptych: an image in two window frames, displaying a single scene. "Two is better than one".
Triptych: an image is divided in three sections (windows) which hangs on your wall next to each other, also known as a split frame image.

Contact us before ordering and we can give you a price.

LED Back-Lit Panels
Our LED back-lit Virtual windows uses state of the art LED Technology, the most revolutionary lighting available since the introduction of the light bulb.

• Ultra thin. Only 8mm.
• Long Lifetime and free maintenance. Over 100,000 hours or 16 - 20 yrs. @ 12hrs. a day.
• Low power consumption and cost saving. As bright as conventional T5 fluorescent lamps, while saving up to 70% energy.
• Eco-friendly product. Contains no mercury or other hazardous materials.

The Stacker - Virtual Window
Our budget product is a reflective non back-lit window that does not contain a LED light pane and comes in all window styles. This panel can be added at a later date as it uses the same frame styles as the LED lit windows. You can stack up to 5 images in this stacker window for seasonal changes and they work well in low profile applications such as hallways, offices and cubicles.

Wood Selections
• Cherry
• Oak
• Mapel
• Painted or Unpainted MDF

The wood trims are finished with a clear satin lacquer. (Wood may have a natural color variation).

Component Options

Window sills and grills. They can be added to Arts & Craft and Craftsman basic styles.

LED Dimmer - An optional feature that allows the viewer to remotely switch the virtual window on and off, plus control the brightness the image receives to create the right mood.

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